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14 March 2018    -    21 May 2018
14 March 2018
27 March 2018
  • The Kuiper Belt, out beyond Neptune.

    07:15pm   to    09:30pm

    We have a talk this evening, presented by Roy Guson.

    "The Kuiper Belt, Out beyond Neptune, how it was formed, the discovery of the first Kuiper Belt Objects, classification of KBO's,other Kuiper remnants, Hill disc and Oort cloud.

    Roy retired from Sheffield Hallam University some 7 years ago (March 2011). Degree in Physics, Masters in Engineering.

10 April 2018
  • Two eyes are better than One.

    07:15pm   to    

    Tonight we have a talk presented by Mr. Steve Tonkin about choosing and using binoculars.

    Steve has been an amateur astronomer since his childhood and spends most of his time doing astronomical outreach.

    He has taught astronomy to adults and children for over 30 Years and is a Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society.


17 April 2018
  • Vikings at Barsoom - Part 1

    07:30pm   to    09:30pm

    Tonight we have a talk presented by Mr. Paul Money.


    Vikings at Barsoom part 1 - Early exploration and Orbital phase.

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