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12 September 2017    -    19 November 2017
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  Tuesday 3rd October

Talks by Prof Brad Gibson of Hull University

1) Liquid mirror Telescopes.

A novel design first envisioned over 150

years ago. Prof Gibson built one as part of his postgraduate

degree. He will explain the concept behind its design and explain its wierd

and wonderful strengths(and weaknesses) and provide insight into why it has not really caught on.

2) Where are all the Aliens?!?

In 1950 Enrico Fermi postulated that our galaxy should be teeming with life.

However there seemed to be no evidence of it apart from on Earth. This is known as 

The Fermi paradox. Prof Gibson will examine the evidence for and against the existence of extra-terrestrial life


Tuesday 24th October

Our very own Paul Dobson will regale us with stories of WYAS past.

The second part of his history of our august body 1973-1983




Come and join us for a friendly evening of chat, Tea, Coffee and Cakes.


 Our esteemed editor has asked that if any member has articles for the Phobos magazine, could they please forward them to him. 


 STELLARIUM - Probably the best free planetarium program around!



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Thanks to Eric Wiley for the donation to the

StarGazing Live raffle.





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