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Tuesday (29th November) will be




So come on down 




Doors open at 7:30pm.


As usual (Members £3. Non members £4, Children free if accompanied by an adult)



Friday 9th December. Not one but two talks! from our Patron Professor Jonti Horner. 

Yes Jonti is coming back from Australia for a little while and will be talking about two massive research projects he's working on including spotting fireballs over the Australian dessert with a view to finding any debris that may be left and "Minerva Australis" looking for exoplanets!


If you have been to one of Jonti's talks you will know how good he is at making complex issues understandable and the phenomenal way he can link seemingly disparate subjects together. It will be thoroughly entertaining and will include a question and answer session which he excels at!


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Tuesday (November 29th) Open Night 

If you need help with your scope bring it over and lets see if we can help, or use ours if its clear!

There will be cake!




FRIDAY 9th December

Jonti Horner with two talks on "The Australian Desert Fireball Mission" and "Minerva Australis" searching for Exoplanets down under!


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Jonti Started off at WYAS!




 Until we've worked out a better place to put these here are some useful links to some of our favorite resources and suppliers... 










 STELLARIUM - Probably the best free planetarium program around! 




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The Yorkshire Planetarium - Always entertaining. Covers a broad range of astro-physics and science subjects





Green Witch  North, Astronomical supplies - Everything for the asronomer from beginner to expert with loads of friendly advice.




Orion Optics - builders of precision astronomical telescopes from Dobsonians to Astrographs. Yes - they built our latest telescope too!







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