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10 March 2019 - 16 March 2019
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12 March
  • Wonders of the Universe by Prof Brad Gibson

    07:15pm   to    09:30pm

    Wonders of the Universe. A Trip Advisor Top Ten Countdown.

    Prof Gibson is MCA Director and Head of Physics and Mathematics at Hull University.

    One of the country's most influential scientists, his 200 publications has amassed 20,000 citations 

    from his peers.

    His research was named one of the top 10 News story of the year by The National Geographic Magazine.

    With the help of data from the hubble telescope he  determined the expansion rate of the universe, for which 

    his team was awarded the influential Gruber prize in Cosmology.

    Always a very entertaining science communicator we are delighted to have him speak tonight.


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