Welcome to West Yorkshire Astronomical Society

a Registered Charity (Charity Number 508313).


We are open on Tuesday evenings from 7:15pm 



If you need any help or advice about Astronomy,

We have plenty of friendly people to help

Why not come along to a friendly society and join us for tea, coffee and cakes.


A note for your diaries.

Friday from 7.30pm at the Rosse observatory, Pontefract.

We are having a beginners night, so if you want to get started with observing the night sky or have got a bit

lost along the way, then come along to an informal evening with like minded people.

You will have the chance to ask questions one on one if you prefer.


The Small Print --- Admission Open Night - Members £3. Non Members £4. Children £2.50.

If you attend the observatory for a second night in the week then the admission fees will be half the normal rates.

Please note. The increase has had to be implemented due to constantly rising costs.








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Come and join us for a friendly evening of chat, Tea, Coffee and Cakes.


 Our esteemed editor has asked that if any member has articles for the Phobos magazine, could they please forward them to him. 


 STELLARIUM - Probably the best free planetarium program around! 




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Thanks to Eric Wiley for the donation to the

StarGazing Live raffle.





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