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31 March 2019 - 06 April 2019
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02 April
  • White Dwarves and the Interstellar Medium

    07:15pm   to    09:30pm

    Professor Martin Barstow: Professor of Astrophysics and Space Science, Department of
    Physics & Astronomy, University of Leicester.

    Prof. Barstow has a strong background in the analysis of X-ray, EUV, UV, optical and
    infrared data from white dwarfs.

    He has also made internationally recognised contributions
    to the study of hot white dwarfs and coronally active stars through the analysis and
    interpretation of ground and space based observations in optical, UV, EUV and X-ray
    wavebands. Complementing this has been an active programme of theoretical studies of the
    white dwarf atmospheres and the interstellar medium.


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